History of Don Jose Simon de Roco

by Jack de Roco

January 2001

It must be remembered that the following information was given to me, Jack Joseph de Roco, in April of 1978. At that time, the amount of information that is now at our finger tips, via computers, was not available to the general public. How the information was obtained I do not know, but it was obtained by my aunt Audrey (de Roco) Hartfield, in April of 1977, from a Mr. F.H. Bradford of Berkely California, who was married to Helen Roberta de Roco, who was a decendent of Jose Urban de Roco, son of Jose Simon de Roco, son of Tomas Manuel de Roco.

It must be remembered also that this information was not"written in stone" with hammer and chisel. So changes, as we find them, can be made. History is seldom perfect, as you will see as you read the following data. For example; Only eight of the children of Tomas Manuel and Maria are listed, one of which, Conchita de Roco, there is no record of, up to now, January 2001. Also on the list of children by Juan de Dios Emeterio de Roco, it shows Antonio Sesinando de Roco was born on the 16th of July 1824, and two months later on the 15th of September 1824 Dominga Roco was born. Most likely it should be 1825 for one of them, no child was born that year, and it is not impossible that Conchita de Roco was born out of wedlock, and given the de Roco name as was Jose Norvento de Roco in 1811. We are perfect only in the eyes of God!

Don Tomas Manuel de Roco, born 29 December 1791, died 11 June 1857


Maria Guadalupe de Los Reyes, born 12 December 1796, died 2 December 1880


Jose Simon de Roco, born 28 October 1812 , died 30 July 1883 in San Francisco California.

Buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hayward California

Concepcion de Roco born 14 December 1818

Juan de Roco born, 3 March 1820

Antonio de Roco born, 16 July 1824

Vicente de Roco born 27 June 1827

Arcenio de Roco born 14 December 1839

Mateo de Roco born 18 August 1843

Conchita de Roco born ?


Jose Simon de Roco, my great grandfather, Married on the14th of August 1858, at Nuestra Señora church in Los Angeles California , Mary Ann Power, daughter of John Francis Power, and Bridget Dunn Power, whose family is a decendent of the Pouer(or Power) family dating back to the Knight Marshal of Ireland, Under the reign of King Henry the 2nd, in AD 1177. They had seven children;

a) Antonio de Roco, born 3 June 1859, died in infancy

b) Jose Urban de Roco, born 26 May 1860, died 15 April 1942

c) Mary Isabel de Roco, born 8 July 1861, died 1930

d) Vicente Frederick de Roco, born 7 July 1863, died ?

e) Jovita Blanche de Roco, born 15 February 1865, died ?

f) Marion Samuel de Roco, born 1 May 1867, died 28 December 1930

g) Conchita Agatha de Roco, born 5 February 1874


b) Jose Urban de Roco was born in the City of San Luis Obispo, California. I knew him as Uncle Joe. He made his home in the City of Palo Alto California, and is buried at Alta Mesa Cemetery in Palo Alto California. He married my aunt Alpha, Alpha Anna Wheeler, on the 3rd of January 1909. She was born on the 27th of November 1873, in the City of Lamar, Missouri. She died on the first of April 1959, and is also buried at Alta Mesa Cemetery. They had two children Helen Roberta de Roco, born 25 March 1911 in Oakland California, and Roland Urban de Roco, born 28 November 1912. On the 30th of September 1934, Helen Roberta married George Carl Ullmayer. They adopted Joseph Urban Ullmeyer, born 28 November, 1934. Then on 30 September 1941 she married Clifford Albert Cullis, born 12 December 1911. They adopted Carolyn Roberta Cullis, who was born 25 April 1942. Again on the 19th of October 1953 she married Francis Harrison Bradford, born 7 November 1908. They changed Joseph's and Carolyn's surname to Bradford. Joseph married Annette Haag, born 18 January 1941, on the 14th of May 1966. They lived in San Jose California, and had two children Kathleen Maria Bradford, born 6 March 1967, and Tomas Joseph Bradford, born 2 May 1972. Carolyn married Michael O'Hara Evered, born 16 April 1941, on the 6th of November 1965. They adopted two children Bradford Paul Evered, born 14 April 1969, and Megan O'Hara Evered, born 31 October 1971.


c) Mary Isabel de Roco lived in San Luis Obispo California. She died in 1930 and is buried at Cypress Lawn Cemetery in San Francisco. She was married to Mr. David Mallah, who was born in 1860 in San Luis Obispo, and died there in 1887. She remarried Robert Liddle after David Mallah's death, and he died in1929. She had one daughter Edna Mabel Mallah born 9 September 1879 in San Luis Obispo. She died on the 8th of December 1952 in San Francisco California. She was married to Alexander Spotswood of Petersburg Virginia. Born the 7th of January 1876. He died on the 15th of January 1939, and is buried in Petersburg Virginia. Edna and Alexander had two children Virginia Spotswood, born the 29th of June 1906, who died the 13th of July 1967, and Robert Maitland Spotswood, born the 6th of September 1913, in San Bruno California. Virginia was married to George O'Brien, born in 1903 of Stubenville Ohio, they had no children that I know of. Robert married Angelina Mary Centenaro, who was born on the 3rd of February 1916 of San Francisco California. Robert and Angelina had one child that I know of, Richard Spotswood, born 25th of march 1947 in San Francisco California. He was married to Joanne Peterson, who was born on the 18th of July 1945 in Burlingame California.


d) Vincente Frederick (Fermin) de Roco is buried in Sacramento California, but I do not know the date. He was married to Anna Holister Roberts, born 21 November 1866, in New Fairfield Connecticut. They had eight children.

1) Leo Ulrich de Roco, born 17 July 1886 in Goleta California, died 30 April 1949, was married to Theresa Ferracci, born 23 September 1883, died 3 January 1951 in Decoto California. they had two children Vernon de Roco, and Mary de Roco but I have not further information.

2) Susan Cecelia de Roco, born 9 april 1888 in Goleta California, died 21 September 1964 in Glendale California. She married on the 12th of August 1911, Arthur William Kennedy in San Francisco California. He was born 23 September 1887, died 29 May 1957 in Los Angeles California. They had two children. Robert Hollister Kennedy, born 18 October 1914, and Richard Vincent Kennedy, born 6 May 1919. Richard Vincent married Lorraine Lorena Marcella Armijo, born 2 July 1919. In 1955 on the 13 of August, Richard and Lorraine had a son Kevin Richard Kennedy

3) Frederick Anastatia de Roco, born 27 April 1890

4) Stephen Lewis de Roco, born 26 December 1892 in San Francisco California. He married Ethel McNeil Upton, born 5 March 1898 from Denver Colorado.

5) James Adeley de Roco, born 21 July 1894. He married Charlotte Swanson. They had a daughter named Helen de Roco.

6) Arol John Leonard de Roco, born 27 November 1897. He married Madeline Schworer. They had three children.

a)Madeline June de Roco, born 6 August 1928, who married a man with the last name of Reynolds, and had two children William Robert Reynolds, and John Leonard Reynolds

b)Gerald Norman de Roco, who married Carole Skavdahl. They had five children Greg, Scott, Eric, Jon, and Jan de Roco. I have no other information.

c)Nina Jane de Roco, who married William Carmen Denton. They had two children, Braden Patrick, and Craig Roland Denton. I have no further information.

7) Edna Mary de Roco, born 30 January 1900

8) Vincent William de Roco, born 18 April 1901, died 16 February 1979. He married Mildred Christine Degan, born 17 June 1900, died 2 April 1960. They had one daughter Patricia Lee de Roco, who married John Leonard Dillon. They had three sons, Terence Lee, Kevin Lee, and Robyne Lee Dillon.


E) Jovita Blanche de Roco , Born on the 15th of February in 1865, and died on the 21st of April 1929. She is buried at Cypress Lawn Cemetery in San Francisco California.


F) Marion Samuel de Roco, My grandfather was born on the 1st of May 1867, and died on the 28th of December 1930. He was married to Helen Alice Marsky, born on the 22nd of October 1879 in Chicago Illinois. she died on the 7th of May 1941. They had two children, Marion Emil de Roco(my father) and Helen Audrey de Roco.

1) Marion Emil (my father), was born on the 6th of January 1905 in Oakland California, and died on the 15th of November 1953. He was married to my mother Martha Mary Caldicott, who was born on the 29th of October 1905 in Lima, Peru, in South America. She died in October of 1989. My mother and father brought me, Jack Joseph de Roco, into this world on th 19th of February 1928, and as of this date I am still "Alive and Kicking". My sister Joyce Geraldine de Roco, was born on the 7th of November 1929, and is "Alive and Well" also. I married Joyce Gloria Canessa on the 22nd of June 1952, and we had two children, Michelle Linette de Roco, born on the 10th of October 1953, and Blase Anthony de Roco, born on the 12th of August 1955. My sister Joyce Geraldine married John Evoniuk, born on the 18th of January 1929, and had five children, Timothy James, born 20 February 1950, Thomas, born 23 November 1951, Roy Anthony, born 9 November 1954, Kenneth John, born 14 October 1956, and Lynette Marie Evoniuk, born 10 June 1960.

2) Helen Audrey de Roco, born 22nd of August 1909. She died, but I have no date. She married on the 22nd of December 1945, Wilson Donald Hartfield, born 16th of December 1918, in Hattiesburg Mississippi. They had three children, Marianne Elizabeth , born 10 January 1948, Michael Douglas, born 18 December 1948, and Anthony Stephen Hartfield, born 8 April 1950.


G) Conchita Agatha de Roco, born 5 February 1874, Died (no date), and lived in Grass Valley California. She was married to Hans Scharowsky, born 11 March 1883.


This informarion is not complete, but in 1977 when this information was compiled, it was all that was known. At least, all of the decendents born in the Philippines, will have a little knowledge of the decendents of Jose Simon de Roco, and Mary Ann Power. I think it is interesting also ,to note that all of the de Roco decendents living in the United States, retained the "de" in front of "Roco", in lower case letters, while the decendents in the Philippines dropped the "de", which is a logical thing , since "de" in Spanish, means "of " , as in Jose Simon "of " the family Roco. But also in Spain, the "de" is still used.

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