963. Enrique Jose ATAYDE was born on Sep 26 1960 in Manila. He was educated BSC Major in Business Management in 1982 in De La Salle College, Taft Ave., Manila. He also studied in La Salle Greenhills (Grade School 1974 and High School 1978). He was also known as Henry. He was a Vice President - Marketing in Paragon Brok. Corp. His interests are: golf, badminton, poker, theater acting and production.

He was married to Elizabeth Lourdes AFZELIUS on Feb 7 1987 in Mary the Queen Parish, Greenhills, San Juan. Elizabeth Lourdes AFZELIUS was born on Mar 27 1962 in Manila. She was educated BSC Major in Marketing in 1984 in College of the Holy Spirit, Mendiola, Manila. She is also known as Lizzie. Her hobbies are crafts, cooking, singing, and badminton. Enrique Jose ATAYDE and Elizabeth Lourdes AFZELIUS had the following children:

child1618 i. Martin Enrique ATAYDE was born on Nov 4 1987 in Manila. He is also known as Tinchu or Tin-Tin. He is attending La Salle Greenhills (going on Grade 5 in 1998). He likes soccer and drawing. He is also very good in computer games and roller blading.
child1619 ii. Joaquin Leandro ATAYDE was born on Feb 21 1994 in Mandaluyong City. He is also known as Wacky. He attends Nursery 2 in the Center for Childhood Education, Corinthian. He loves singing, and also adept at computers even at an early age.