367. Jose Vicente FABREGAS was born on Jun 7 1949 in Naga City. He is also known as JoeVic. Joevic graduated from the University of the east with a degree in Marketing . He has worked for 2 companies in his lifetime: 13 years with Granex and 19 (and counting) with California Oils Corp (VP of Marketing).

They migrated to the USA in 1982.

He was married to Girlie GUZMAN on Sep 29 1974 in Palanan Church, Makati City. She graduated elementary and high school at maryknoll college, earned a bachelors degree in chemistry from adamson university in 1971, and a year of Masters at De La Salle University. She is half Cebuana and half Tagalog from Marikina. And she is a full time housekeeper, golfer and traveler Girlie GUZMAN was born on Jul 30.

Jose Vicente FABREGAS and Girlie GUZMAN had the following children:

child+1168 i. Rosary Angela FABREGAS.
child+1155 ii. Ghia Margarita FABREGAS.
child820 iii. Carla Isabel FABREGAS was born on Sep 29 1980. She graduated in 2002 with a business major and a german minor at the University of San Diego (USD). She attended Freiburg University in Germany in her junior year. She currently works with a software company, and will probably work in Germany next year before applying to grad school. Carla currently resides in San Diego.
child821 iv. Melissa Eileen FABREGAS was born on Jun 15 1983. Ippie is the older twin by 8 minutes. She differentiated from Michelle by the mole on her left cheek. She graduated high school from Webb Schools in Claremont, CA. She graduated from the University of San Diego (USD go Toreros ! ).

child+1189 v. Michelle Elaine FABREGAS.