400. Benedicto ROCO was born on Dec 15 1952 in Cagmaoma, Badian Oas, Albay. He was also known as Benny.

He was married to Marieta ARGANOSA. Marieta ARGANOSA was born on Jul 16 1951 in Majayjay, Laguna. She died on Aug 12 2001 in Sweden. He finished his Marine Engineering course at The Philippine Arts & Trade 1972 and took employment and services at St. Vincent Shipping Agency as seafarer until 1980 where a cousin named Capt.Eddie Roco was also engaged on another fleet. He took land jobs temporarily at Construction & Development Corporation of the Philippines for heavy equipment at Batangas but foreign jobs and adventure seemed more exciting and immigrated to Sweden in 1981. He was able to work with an oil drilling company at the Swedish island of Gotland on the Baltic for 10 years. Then he changed to another company the Swedish Bearing Company (SKF) 1990 and still employed at SKF Logistic Sevices Center in Göthenburg,Sweden. He curently resides in Grabo, Sweden, with his kids. Benedicto ROCO and Marieta ARGANOSA had the following children:

child906 i. Maribe ROCO was born on Oct 22 1979.
child907 ii. Julie Eden ROCO was born on Jul 29 1982.
child908 iii. Victor ROCO was born on Mar 12 1991.