16. Mateo Eleno DE ROCO was born on Aug 18 1843 in Sta. Cruz de Manila. Mateo Eleno was born on a Friday, between 3-4 pm. He was baptized on Aug 27 1843 in Sta. Cruz de Manila. Officiating priest -- Don Sabino Tiburcio;
Godfathers -- Don Manuel Ramirez de la Orden, Don Juan De Dios, and Don Luciano del Rivero.

He was married to Dona Potenciana DOMINGUEZ in Manila. Mateo Eleno DE ROCO and Dona Potenciana DOMINGUEZ had the following children:
l-r (photo) Manuel, Mateo, Vicente, Angel:

child+55 i. Assemblyman Angel ROCO.
child56 ii. Geronimo ROCO died in 1867. Geronimo was three months old when he died. He was born in 1867.
child+57 iii. Captain Manuel ROCO.
child58 iv. Arsenia ROCO died in 1871. Arsenia died at the age of six months. She was born in 1871.
child+59 v. Pilar ROCO.
child60 vi. Guadalupe ROCO. She appears in Malou R. Fresnoza's list but Tita Leoneling does not remember her.
child61 vii. Antonia Emiliana ROCO was born in 1873.
child62 viii. Rosario DE ROCO was born in 1874. She died in 1960. She resided in La Consolacion College. She was elected as Mother Provincial of the Order running La Consolacion College in Mendiola, Manila. Rosario entered the La Consolacion Convent and took the name of Sor Josefina. Written at the back of her portrait: "A mi hermano amado Mateo" dated 1927.
child63 ix. Lorenzo ROCO died in 1876. He was still born. He was born in 1876.
child64 x. Josefa ROCO was born in Oct 1877 in Manila. She died in 1958 in Singian Clinic. She was also known as Pit. Lola Pit, as Josefa was known by her grand nephews and grand nieces, used to visit all of us until she passed away in the sixties.
child65 xi. Rita ROCO was born in 1879.
child+66 xii. Judge Vicente ROCO.
child+67 xiii. Agremensor Mateo ROCO.