207. Jack Joseph DE ROCO was born on Feb 19 1928 in California. In 1946, he was with the Air Force and was chosen to be part of the team that programmed all US Air Force records to the IBM system. When he left the Air Force, he went to work with his father in the carpet business for 15 years. At age 36, he went back to school to earna diploma in Electronics and a license from the Federal communications commission. He then worked at Station KTVU Channel 2 for the next 25 years in the San Francisco Bay area as a cameraman and as a sound man with the nightly news. He retired in 1989 and currently lives in Brazil with his Brasilian wife. He reads and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Maria speaks English, Portugese, Italian, Spanish, and French.

He was married to Gloria Joyce CANESSA in 1951. He was divorced from Gloria Joyce CANESSA in 1976. Jack Joseph DE ROCO and Gloria Joyce CANESSA had the following children:

child+630 i. Michelle Linette DE ROCO.
child+631 ii. Blase Anthony DE ROCO.

He was married to Maria da Gloria DENES on Jul 11 1981. Maria da Gloria DENES was born on Jul 18 1940. They get along like "2 peas in a pod".