Fifth Generation

663. Mr. Jose Sulpicio Jr. ROCO was born on 9 October 1948 in Naga City. He was educated between 1954 and 1960 in Naga Parochial School.
Choloy, as Sulpicio is called, finished his elementary education in Naga Parochial School. He was educated between 1961 and 1964 in Ateneo De Naga. He finished his high school at the Ateneo de Naga. Jose was educated between 1965 and 1969 in Ateneo De Manila University. Cho finished his BS in Anthropology at the Ateneo de Manila. He was in USAID Manila. Choloy is the most senior Filipino employee at the US Agency for International Development.

Mr. Jose Sulpicio Jr. ROCO and Mrs. Esperanza ALVAREZ were married on 11 October 1975 in Naga City. Mrs. Esperanza ALVAREZ died on 16 July 1990 in Nevada Hotel, Baguio City. Peachy died during the great earthquake of July 16, 1996 while attending a USAID seminar. She survived the initial shock but was pinned down and could not be extricated. Succeeding aftershocks killed her. Trying to save her were her husband, Choloy, and brothers-in-law, Totoy (Ramon, and Ding (Facundo).
Sonia, the wife of Raul, was also pinned down in the same hotel but was rescued by PMA cadets and Benguet miners and escaped without a scratch. She was born in Naga City.

Bernadette FLORENDO was born (date unknown).

Mr. Jose Sulpicio Jr. ROCO and Bernadette FLORENDO had the following children:



Miss Ipharra ROCO was born on 17 May 1983 in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. She is also known as Pharra.