Sixth Generation

921. Teresita MOLAR was born on 20 July 1951 in Manila. She is also known as Tessy.

Teresita MOLAR and Terrence DANIELS were married on 14 July 1979 in St. Pious Church in Stickney, Chicago, Il.. They met in London in 1977. Terrence DANIELS was born on 19 September 1954 in Oak Park, Illinois. He is also known as Terry. He is retired from the Air Force after 21 years (E-7).

Teresita MOLAR and Terrence DANIELS had the following children:



Theresa Ellen DANIELS.



Christina Marie DANIELS.



Toni Jacinta DANIELS.



Tiffany Angela DANIELS was born on 18 May 1988 in Glendale, AZ.