Fifth Generation

426. Edita TAROG was born on 30 August 1960. Her first degree was in Hotel and Restaurant Management from La Consolacion College then she took up BS Tourism at St Joseph College and finally her BSN from Mabini College in Bicol. Dits previously worked for a Drug company and is currently the manager and co-owner of Spa Plus, a full service spa located at Green Valley Country Club near Valle Verde.

Edita TAROG and Unknown were married. Unknown was born (date unknown).

Edita TAROG and Unknown had the following children:



Danah FRANCIA was born on 8 July 1985. She was educated in University of the Philippines.



Philip FRANCIA was born on 11 December 1986.

Edita TAROG and Manolo FRANCIA were married. Manolo FRANCIA was born (date unknown).

Edita TAROG and Manolo FRANCIA had the following children:



Abegail FRANCIA was born on 19 March 1992.