Fifth Generation

423. Eddie TAROG was born on 1 March 1949. He is also known as Ed. Ed graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. His post-graduate studies include Management Development at Wharton School of Business, Strategic Finance Program at Harvard Business School. He trained in Strategic and International Marketing in England and Hongkong. Ed has over 25 years of professional management experience having worked for various multinational companies in various high level executive positions. He was Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for San Miguel Corporation, Marketing Director for Unilever Philippines, a subsidiary of Unilever Corp, England, Marketing Director for Levis Straus Company Philippines/USA, Market Development Manager for Pepsi Cola Philippines and Procter and Gamble. Ed retired at age 50 and keeps busy with his various business and investment interests, his travels and his favorite sports golf.

Eddie TAROG had the following children:



David TAROG was born on 28 February 1977. He was educated BSA degree in Philosophy in Ateneo De Manila.

Eddie TAROG and Victoria SISON were married. Victoria SISON was born (date unknown).

Eddie TAROG and Victoria SISON had the following children:



Marko TAROG was born on 15 September 1988. He studies in Ateneo de Manila high school and plays basketball in the high school league.



Mikael TAROG was born on 19 May 1994. He is currently studying at the Ateneo de Manila Grade School.