Fifth Generation

566. Corazon ROCO was born on 2 January 1953 in Manila. She was a Loan Manager in PCI Bank, Naga City. She is also known as Cora.

Corazon ROCO and Benedicto REYES were married on 2 January 1977. Benedicto REYES was born on 20 March 1950. He is also known as Beni.

Corazon ROCO and Benedicto REYES had the following children:



Frances Ann REYES.



Monica Sophia REYES was born on 13 November 1979 in Manila. She received a BS Math (cum laude) degree in 2002 in University of Sto. Thomas.



Angelo REYES was born on 16 January 1985 in Manila. He was educated in De La Salle College, Taft Ave., Manila.