Fifth Generation

542. Federico ROCO 2 was born on 20 September 1949 in Naga City. He is also known as Freddie.

Federico ROCO and Marietta CALLANG were married on 12 August 1978. Marietta CALLANG is also known as Janette.

Federico ROCO and Marietta CALLANG had the following children:



Dixie Jane ROCO was born on 16 August 1980 in Legaspi City. She was educated in 2000 in PUP.



Donamae ROCO was born on 12 January 1984 in Legaspi City. She is curently a high school senior at NCBA.



Dickson ROCO was born on 31 August 1987 in Capitol Hospital QC. He was educated high school in Claret. He is also known as Ritchie.

Fe REDONDO was born (date unknown).

Federico ROCO and Fe REDONDO had the following children:



Penafrancia ROCO was born in September 1974. She is also known as Chinggay. She is engaged and her wedding date will be on April 12, 2003. She's working with Metro bank and is assigned at Legaspi branch.