Sixth Generation

1204. Julianne Carl ROCO was born on 17 January 1975 in Manila. She was educated B.S. Tourism in 1995 in University of Sto. Thomas. She immigrated in April 2001 to Canada. She became a flight attendant at Saudia Airlines, and a bank teller and Cash Assistant at Security Bank Corporation.

Julianne Carl ROCO and Michael Cruz "Mike" BATAC were married on 15 January 2000. Michael Cruz "Mike" BATAC was born on 18 July 1970 in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. He was in Syncrude, Fort Mcmurray, Canada. He received a Mathematics major in Computer degree.

Julianne Carl ROCO and Michael Cruz "Mike" BATAC had the following children:



Jason Mark BATAC was born on 29 September 2000. At 2 years old, he knows the alphabet by heart and can count up to 15. Listens to french, Italian and even Chinese tapes.



Julia BATAC was born (date unknown).