306. Luis Antonio MAÑERU was born on Apr 28 1946 in Manila. He is also known as Chato. He received a degree in BSC in 1971 from Santa Clara University and an MBA in 1977 from Jose Rizal College. After years in advertising and public relations, he capped a successful career as Administrator of the Spanish Embassy's Office of Cooperation and as Office Manager of the Spanish Employers Confederation. He is presently on a sabbatical in California to undertake theological studies for ordination as a Permanent Deacon.

He was married to Marlies Sternberg HACKETT on Mar 10 1984 in Mary the Queen Parish, Greenhills, San Juan. Marlies Sternberg HACKETT was born on Jul 17 1958 in Hanover, Germany. She was educated Bachelor of Arts in Music Education in Santo Tomas University.. After many years as a teacher at the International School of Manila and Brent School in Pasig, she is now an Office Director in Serendipity School, a private primary school in California. Luis Antonio MAÑERU and Marlies Sternberg HACKETT had the following children:

child+792 i. Mara Alyssa MAÑERU.
child793 ii. Mikhos Agustin MAÑERU was born on Aug 10 1984 in Cebu. He is a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the USNavy working in Naval Aviation aboard the USSNimitz.
child794 iii. Marco Antonio MAÑERU was born on Nov 2 1985 in Manila. He lives in San Francisco and works for an airline company.
child795 iv. Mariel Alexis MAÑERU was born on May 28 1990 in Mandaluyong. She graduates from high school in 2008 and hopes to enter Annapolis Naval Academy to purse a medical career in the USNavy.