66. Judge Vicente ROCO was born on Sep 18 1880 in Guinobatan, Albay. He died on Sep 20 1945 in Naga City.

He was married to Leonila THOMAS (daughter of Don Jose THOMAS and Fermina THOMAS). Leonila THOMAS was born on Dec 13 in Malinao, Albay. She died on Nov 7 1933 in Naga City. Judge Vicente ROCO and Leonila THOMAS had the following children:

1st row: Tito Joseling, Tita Leoneling, Tito Angel, Tito Vicenting, Tito Jing, Tita Franci
2nd row: Lola Leonila, Lolo Vicentico, Tito Chony on his lap.

1st row Tita Franci, Tito Angeling
2nd row Tito Joseling, Tita Leoniling, Tito Vicenting
3rd row Lola Leonila, Lolo Vicentico

1st row Tito Chony
2nd row (unknown), Tito Vicenting,Tito Jing, Tito Angeling
3rd row Tita Franci, Tita Leoniling
4rth row Lolo Vicentico

Interment of Lolo Vicentico ........ Penafrancia Church
1st row (3rd from left) Angel Fabregas, Nenita Fabregas Garcia, Bomboy Fabregas, Carlos Fabregas Reyes
2nd row Tito Joseling, Tito Vicenting, Tita Monina, Lor (second wife of Lolo Vicentico), Tita Leoniling, Tito Badong, Tita Nieves, Tita Naty, Tita Franci, Tito Paco, Tito Jing, Tito Chony, Tito Picio Roco (daddy of Raul)

1 Joseling 2 Vicenting 3 Leoniling 4 Franci 5 Angeling 6 Jing 7 Chony

child+176 i. Jose ROCO.
child+177 ii. Vicente Jr. ROCO.
child+178 iii. Leonila ROCO.
child+179 iv. Penafrancia ROCO.
child180 v. Angel ROCO was born on May 5 1918 in Naga City. He died in Feb 1940 in Manila. Angel died at a young age.

child+181 vi. Coach Rafael ROCO.
child+182 vii. Isidro ROCO.
child+183 viii. Natividad ROCO.

He was married to Lourdes NATE. Judge Vicente ROCO and Lourdes NATE had the following children:

child+184 i. Nieves ROCO.
child+185 ii. Manuel ROCO.
child+186 iii. Roberto ROCO.
child+187 iv. Pablo ROCO.
child+188 v. Carmita ROCO.
child+189 vi. Jesus ROCO.
child190 vii. Rosario ROCO was born on Oct 30 1943 in Naga City. She died in Jan 2002. She was also known as Nene.
child+191 viii. Angel ROCO.