1446. Francis GUTIERREZ was born on Sep 25 1960 in Manila. He was also known as Kiko. He was educated. He was educated in Aquinas School. San Juan, Philippines (grade school and high school), and in De la Salle University. He was a. He currently works for Blue Cross of California.

He was divorced from Rosanna SUAZA in 1988. He was married to Rosanna SUAZA. Rosanna SUAZA was also known as Ressie. Francis GUTIERREZ and Rosanna SUAZA had the following children:

child1898 i. Philip GUTIERREZ was born on Jun 19 1983 in Manila. He studied in Immaculate Heart of Mary Los Angeles, Ca. (Elementary), in Loyola High School. Los Angeles, and in the University of Southern California.

He was married to Aleli MARFIL on May 15 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Aleli MARFIL was born on Nov 25 1966 in Sinait, Ilocos Sur. She was a. She currently works for Emak Corporation. Francis GUTIERREZ and Aleli MARFIL had the following children:

child1899 i. Lianna Marie GUTIERREZ was born on Dec 28 1994 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was educated. She is currently studying at Delevan Drive Elementary. Los Angeles. She loves to sing and dance.