91. Doña Maria del Carmen Tomasa DEL CASTILLO was born on Dec 21 1889 in Albay. She died on Nov 9 1967 in New Orleans, USA. She was diagnosed with lung cancer and was taken to New Orleans for an operation. Unfortunately, she did not survive. She was buried on Nov 13 1967 in El Cementerio de La Guaira, Venezuela. Abuelita Carmen was 6 or 7 years old when she went to live with Tia Lelay and Tio Jose because they had no children. Jose Maria Ycsiar (Abuelito), the nephew of Tio Jose came to the Philippines at the age of 17 from Spain to work for Gutierrez Hermanos. He lived with them.

Tio Jose died of typhoid fever in Legaspi.

Abuelito Jose Maria and Abuelita Carmen fell in love. They got married in Spain and had their first child in Plencia, Spain. When Tita Angeles was about 3 years old, they came back to the Philippines with Tia Lelay to stay for good. They had 8 children.

Abuelito Jose Maria died of peritonitis (appendix that burst) on July 11, 1932.

Abuelita Carmen died of cancer of the lungs on November 9, 1967.

She was married to Don Jose Maria YCSIAR (son of Jose YCSIAR and Josefa AZURRZA) on Dec 29 1902 in Ycsiar home in Ligao. They were previously believed to have been married on April 15, 1903. Don Jose Maria YCSIAR was born on Feb 23 1881 in Bermeo, Spain. He died on Jul 11 1932 in Ligao, Albay. He had appendicitis but refused to see a doctor. His appendix burst and as a result, he died of peritonitis. He was buried in San Isidro Church, Pasay. Doña Maria del Carmen Tomasa DEL CASTILLO and Don Jose Maria YCSIAR had the following children:

child+245 i. Dona Maria Angeles YCSIAR.
child+246 ii. Maria Consuelo Juliana YCSIAR.
child+247 iii. Maria Josefa YCSIAR.
child248 iv. Maria Carmen YCSIAR was born on Jan 28 1911. She died on Oct 4 1911. It was believed that she was born between 1909 and 1917. Little is known about her until recently when a tragic story about her was told. During a time when she was 6 months old, there was a parade outside their house and the servant in charge of her went to the window to look at its passing. The servant left the child unattended and she in turn fell off the window and hit her head on the floor. It was later concluded that the fall caused her to contact meningitis that led to her death.
child+249 v. Maria del Carmen Anastasia YCSIAR.
child+250 vi. Maria Manuela Gregoria YCSIAR.
child+251 vii. Maria Gloria Luz YCSIAR.
child+252 viii. Jose Manuel YCSIAR.