696. Maria Consuelo ROCO was born on Nov 9 1962 in Manila. She was educated Commerce Major in Business Administration in 1984 in University of Sto. Thomas. She is also known as Connie. She is a Claims Analyst for Schaller Anderson.

She was married to Reimel C. GARDIOLA in 1989 in Las Vegas, Nevada. They had a church wedding at Holy Family Catholic Church, Artesia, Ca., in September 18, 1993. Reimel C. GARDIOLA was born on Sep 24 1964 in Manila. He was educated BSBA major in Finance in De La Salle College, Taft Ave., Manila. He is an accountant for America West. Maria Consuelo ROCO and Reimel C. GARDIOLA had the following children :

child1139 i. Catherine Heather GARDIOLA was born on Mar 7 1989 in La Mirada, Ca.. She is also known as Heather. She is currently studying at Akimel Middle School.
child1140 ii. Andrei John GARDIOLA was born on May 5 1991 in Fountain Valley, Ca.. He is also known as Anjo. He is currently studying at Akimel Middle School.
child1141 iii. Derick Michael GARDIOLA was born on Dec 5 1995 in Corona, Ca.. He is currently studying at Milenio Elementary School.