1102. Jocelyn ROCO was born on Jul 25 1968 in Chicago, Il.. She was educated cum laude in 1997 in Dominican University. She is also known as Jos (Jojo when she was younger). She was educated Associate degree in Triton College. She is at home with the children, offically titled as a domestic engineer.

She was married to Timothy LISLE on May 29 1987 in Chicago, Il.. Timothy LISLE was born on Sep 23 1964. He works for Abbott Laboratories in Gurnee, Il.. He is now one of the directors at the American Medical Association. He was educated B.A. in Computer Science. He is also known as Tim. Jocelyn ROCO and Timothy LISLE had the following children:

child1747 i. Eric LISLE was born on Jan 3 1987 in Chicago, Il.. He was educated in Irving, Oak Park, Il.. He was in a gifted program for both math and reading during his younger days. He is now a freshman at University of Illinois,( Champain) engineering program.
child1748 ii. Kaitlin LISLE was born on Nov 3 1990 in Chicago, Il..
child1749 iii. Alyssa LISLE was born on Feb 16 1992 in Chicago, Il..
child1750 iv. Madison LISLE was born on Nov 1 1997 in Chicago, Il..
child1751 v. Kassidi Fidela LISLE was born on May 4 2005.