550. Carlos ROCO was born on Jun 23 1957 in Delgado Clinic, Kamuning, Quezon City. He was educated B.S. Business Economics in 1978 in University of the Philippines. He has been an Applications Developer/Analyst in AT&T since 1990. He is also known as Itos. He is living in 215 Charles St., Clifton, N.J. 07013.

He was married to Audrey Ann RODRIGUEZ on Apr 12 1980 in St. Mary's & St. John's Cathedral, Quezon City. He was divorced from Audrey Ann RODRIGUEZ in 2009. Audrey Ann RODRIGUEZ was born on Jul 14 1957 in Bozeman, Montana. She was educated in 1978 in University of the Philippines. B.A. Business Administration She is also known as Shag. A fine swimmer and avid health nut, she supported herself thru college by swimming as an aquabelle at Sulo Hotel in Quezon City. Carlos ROCO and Audrey Ann RODRIGUEZ had the following children:

child+1383 i. Heather Christine ROCO.
child1228 ii. Andrew Christian ROCO was born on Feb 19 1988 in St. Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, N.J.. He is also known as Dodoy. He was educated Elementary at St. Philip's 1992 - 1995, then spent a year at School 16. He studied at the Classical Adademy Charter School for his Junior High. He spent his Freshman year at St. Peters's Prep in Jersey City, then transferred to Clifton High. He graduated with an accounting degree at Rutgers in 2010.