Fifth Generation

607. Luis ROCO2 was born on 27 September 1958 in Manila. He was educated B.S. Marketing in 1980 in De La Salle College, Taft Ave., Manila. Luis immigrated in 1982 to New York City. In 1992 he was a Cash Manager in Tudor, NYC. He is also known as Louie.

Luis ROCO and Thelma UBALDO were married on 8 September 1984 in Manila. Thelma UBALDO2 was born on 16 March 1959 in Tacloban, Leyte. She was educated B.S. Accounting in 1980 in St. Paul's College Manila. > In 1984 Thelma was a Senior Accountant in Conde Nast Publication, N.Y.C..

Luis ROCO and Thelma UBALDO had the following children:



Annemarie ROCO2 was born on 2 November 1987 in Queens, N.Y.C..



Stephanie ROCO2 as born on 3 August 1990 in Passaic General, Clifton, N.J..